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T-Barb (Spanner Barb)
Barbus lateristriga

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Basic Information
Family: Cyprinidae
Distribution: Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo
Scientific Name: Barbus lateristriga
Common Name: T-Barb
Other Common Names: Spanner Barb

* tank with a community of fish.
Habitat & Diet Information
pH: Temperature: Max. Size: Tank Size: Sociability:
6.0-7.0 24-27C 18 cm 38 liters* Community

Reef Safe:

Good Biginner Fish: Yes

Breeding: Males are slimmer, and the red in their dorsal fin is more intense. About 100 eggs are produced and stick to plants. They hatch in about 24 hours and the fry will take brine shrimp nauplii.

Diet: Omnivourous.

Behavior: Community Fish.

Comments: Young go in schools (groups), but adults are loners. Buy 3 fish ideally. Keep in a tank with thickets of plants, some wood and rocks. Provide good filteration.