Nozar Azadi G h a t e b e h   قـا طبـه

This page is dedicated to one of the most talented and funniest Iranian actors, Mr. Ghatebeh (Nozar Azadi).

The Iranian actor, Nozar Azadi, was born in 1938 in Kermanshah. He studied theater and graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts. Throughout his career he played in various roles, but he is most famous for his role as Jafar Ghatebeh. Despite his versatility in playing different roles, since this page is about Ghatebeh, we focus only on this character.

The character, Mr. Ghatebeh, is a man of the middle to low class that tries to improve his status in the society and make a living. Judging from some of the words in his vocabulary (e.g. Suzmani), and songs that he sometimes sings, he seems to be from Kurdish ethnicity. However, he has an accent that is not quite Kurdish, but rather seems more of a manufactured accent. Nevertheless a sweet one, especially combined with the one-of-the-kind vocabulary he uses to pretend to be a literate individual (e.g. Shakhs Bandah).

In his attempt to elevate his status, he tries to associate himself with the upper class, thus always wears suite (though cheap one), and bow-tie (papillon) which is his signature. In dealing with others, he often cheats and is dishonest. However, these characteristics does not make him a villain, as viewers understand that he doesn't do these deeds for greed, but just tries to make a living. Overall, a very sweet and funny character.

Following are a few video clips of Mr. Ghatebeh from various shows and series, Enjoy!
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Car Salesman       Moones & Makhmal       Sexy Dream       Honor Student        
Ghatebeh & Samad       Ghatebeh as Salvatore       Khatneh Soroon       Chasing the Pretty Girl        

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